The Bible Thumper:

Let me start this Cacktale by saying thank you Jessssuuuuuus!!! So this story starts out on alley-oop thrown to me by little brother. He had this girl who looked good-half black half white chick who wanted his nuts only problem was my brother was whatever on the girl. Why you ask? Well lets just say he doesn’t like girls lol.  

So this girl had no clue my brother didn’t like hitting the 2nd set of lips so he told me to come out and he would throw this girl my way.  Alley-Oop! So, we head out to downtown San Diego.  

We met up with this girl and her friends at this bar called Basic.  Cheap drinks and good music, dope little spot.  So I meet this broad interaction is good I can tell she was jocking whatever.  I ask her what she does and she says she is a bible schoolteacher and spends a lot of time working with kids at her church.  As she says this to me I turn to my right for a quick chuckle and a light choke on my goose and soda.   After that we started ordering double shots, my bro was buying, she was buying, I was buying, etc.  After a couple rounds she started to get closer to me and my bro noticed it and stood behind her mouthing, “get this… get this!” lol.  

So as she completely forgot about my bro the 3 of us quickly dip out the club.  We hoped in the taxi, immediately Bible Thumper and I began to make out in the back seat hot and heavy.  Finally, we pulled up to my bros spot and stumble out the taxi.  My brother not being a cack block goes to his room and shuts his door.  After the door shuts the Bible thumping begins!

She pulls of my belt and rips off my pants I’m so turned on by this my cack is already hard so I dash for one of my rubbers in my right pocket, I strap up and go in!  I’m now railing the Holy Ghost out of this girl…literally.

At this time she is making hella noise only thing is this bitch’s pussy begins to get  super dry after about 10 minutes of thumping and humping! I was like what the fuck?!? Am I sticking my dick in sandpaper right now?

Super irritated by this I grab a new rubber and go in even harder out of anger I guess.  This goes on for a while (6 rubbers for the record), I’m thinking the whole time man I wish her bible school kids could me see me cackdeep in there teach right now!  As the pussy gets dry, I resort to putting Vaseline on my rubber (which does not work by the way).  

So after some dusty pussy I tell her to go jump in bed with my brother, lol.  My brother then wakes up to her trying to pull the old reach around maneuver! She wants seconds from my little bro!!! My bro brushes her off and denies the thirsty thumper wish for seconds.  

He then wakes up in the middle of the night walks out his bedroom and describes what he calls a “war zone”.  Used rubbers everywhere, shit knocked over, half 12oz Vaseline jar open on the kitchen counter, etc.  He chuckles and goes back in his room.   

Morning comes and Bible thumper acts like nothing even happened, which was amazing.   We all grab some breakfast real quick at a local spot and as we finished eating she says, “Well it looks like I better get going, I have a class to go teach!”.  Lmao.  I remember thinking to myself teach them what? How to take it big from behind???  

My bro and I were laughing so hard about this story we were on the phone in tears like, “Yo this girl is going to teach kids the bible right now!” OMG!!! The funniest thing was just how the next day she acted like nothing even happened.  I guess she was forgiven!  Cacktale Hallelujah.